Platinum Self Care

imagesI recently heard a business owner describe her philosophy of providing high quality, premium, individualized service to the clients she serves. She refers to her services as platinum because of their extreme level of quality. As an entrepreneur, she has worked to create the best top notch products and services. Her clients know that they can expect to be very well cared for when they work with her business.

As I listened to this woman speak, I began to think about how we treat ourselves. It’s an interesting topic—especially when you consider that emotional eaters are notorious for taking better care of everyone else than of themselves (and often turning to food for comfort or relief). Ask yourself: do you treat yourself like you are a buy-in-bulk, warehouse club customer, or do you treat yourself like you are a most-important, Platinum level, VIP?

I’m not referring to snooty-ness. What I’m asking you to think about is the level of quality, care, and responsiveness you expect to receive and the level of quality, care, responsiveness, and even nourishment that you allow for yourself. Is it warehouse club, platinum, or somewhere in between?

When I stopped to think about this in my own life, I immediately noticed some places I could fine tune. If I was providing platinum care to someone else, I wouldn’t be asking them to tolerate the slap-dash lunches I’ve been throwing together for myself on work days. I’d also be making sure their relaxation time was better scheduled and I’d take the time to clean off their desk and file away the pile of papers that has been getting in my way all week.

Making these changes in my own life will take minimal time but will leave me happier and less stressed.

As you go through your day, ask yourself where you are treating yourself in a platinum VIP way, and where you could improve your standards and your responsiveness to yourself. This is not a challenge to spend more. It’s a challenge to think in high quality ways, be present with yourself with a platinum level respect, and consider making high quality choices. Sometimes platinum IS more expensive, but often platinum simply takes more time and more care. Are you treating yourself the way you deserve?

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