Please Ignore Yesterday’s Teleseminar

phoneWant to know what occurred to me on my run this morning? I decided that I’m going to ask you to ignore the teleseminar I gave yesterday. In case you are wondering, the title was: Overwhelmed, Overcommitted, or Overweight? How to Unleash Your Inner Champion and Take Back Your Life (in less time than you think).

Don’t listen to it. Okay, listen to it if you want—there is a lot of great content—but truthfully, the teleseminar is about moving out of overwhelm and overload and if this is YOU, then you probably don’t feel like you have an hour to listen to another teleseminar, do you?

For those of you who were one step ahead of me and skipped signing up for the teleseminar BECAUSE you don’t have time—I hear you.

So don’t listen to it. Because I’m going to show you exactly what I talked about on the call—that it’s possible to learn and to make changes by taking smaller, more do-able steps.

Ignore the teleseminar recording because starting today, I’m going to share short pieces of what I covered in the call (and some bonus stuff). Does that sound more digestible? Fantastic!

Here’s your first ten minute audio (actually, it’s 7 minutes and 47 seconds). It’s about your inner champion and how to assess the role she is playing—and could be playing—in your life (and yes—you can download the audio—because life needs to be easier :-)).

Take good care,


PS: On the call that you are going to ignore, I shared information about my brand new product: The Success Soundtrack™: How to Add More Ease, Flow, Me-time AND Success Without Overextending Your To-do List in Just Ten Minutes a Day. I’m very proud of this program that is specially designed to get you connected to your inner champion and living your best life. This plug-and-play program (just devote ten minutes a day to listening to the CDs) is specially designed for the woman with a lot going on. I’ve eliminated the fluff and the time-consuming stuff and made it super easy to use. Until 7/6/10 you can use the coupon code FREEDOM at checkout and receive $20 off the price of the Success Soundtrack™. You’ll also receive a bonus 60 minute audio: How Even the Smartest, Savviest Women Can Be More Effective (Especially With Food, Weight, and Healthy Lifestyle Changes.

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