The Too Much on Her Plate Podcast

A podcast for smart, busy women ready to create freedom from emotional eating and overeating.

Dr. Melissa McCreery's podcast addresses how to end struggles with emotional eating and overeating for good. 

Are you a smart, busy woman who's ready to make peace with food and create freedom from overeating? Are you looking for help with ending emotional eating? You're in the right place. 

Emotional eating, mindless eating, stress eating, and comfort eating aren't signs that you’re lazy or need more willpower. Let’s talk about how to ditch the diet, rewire your thoughts and stories about food, eating, and what you’re capable of, lose the overwhelm, and end the vicious cycles - for good. Life’s too short to spend it struggling with food.


I just wrapped up the free 5-day Freedom from Overeating Workshop and I’m thinking about how it feels after something has ended. I’m also thinking about how this would have been a time when I might have mindlessly eaten in the past – and not known why I was doing it. Overeating and emotional eating after

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Today I’d like to tell you a story about a quirky habit and how it relates to the neuroscience of happiness. We’re also going to cover how you can use this information to create more positive results when you’re working to change your eating habits or break cycles with emotional eating. AND (stick with me),

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True story: it’s possible that emotional eating isn’t the thing you should be trying to change – even if emotional eating is the reason you’re overeating. I know that statement might sound awfully wrong, but stay with me.It’s not unusual for me to hear from women in the following situations:They just read or listened to

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We all have an inner rebel and, while this is perfectly human, when your inner rebel takes over, it can feel like you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of overeating and self-sabotage. From there, it’s a short step down into a spiral of self-blame or frustration with yourself. Diet culture is a part of the problem.

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