The Too Much on Her Plate Podcast

A podcast for smart, busy women ready to create freedom from emotional eating and overeating.

Dr. Melissa McCreery's podcast addresses how to end struggles with emotional eating and overeating for good. 

Are you a smart, busy woman who's ready to make peace with food and create freedom from overeating? Are you looking for help with ending emotional eating? You're in the right place. 

Emotional eating, mindless eating, stress eating, and comfort eating aren't signs that you’re lazy or need more willpower. Let’s talk about how to ditch the diet, rewire your thoughts and stories about food, eating, and what you’re capable of, lose the overwhelm, and end the vicious cycles - for good. Life’s too short to spend it struggling with food.

Thank you for your podcast. It has helped me realize that there are so many other women out there like me. I thought that a lot of what I have felt and struggled with was singular to me but it clearly isn't.

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The concept of losing weight without dieting mystifies a lot of women. It sounds good, but how do you make it happen? Diet culture has kept us focused on eliminating foods, cutting back, and going hungry. If you’ve been on the weight loss hamster wheel for a while, it can be confusing to think about

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Have you ever thought of something that you knew would be helpful “self-care,” but you just didn’t have the energy or motivation to follow through? No one needs a longer to-do list, but the wellness industry has capitalized on self-care, creating a billion-dollar industry that could keep us busy doing “the right things” for several

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Let’s tackle the challenge of emotional eating head-on. In this episode, I’m offering a specific plan centered around the powerful strategy of curiosity. I’ll explore how understanding the reasons behind emotional eating can empower you to regain control over your eating habits. By fostering curiosity rather than self-blame, you can uncover the underlying needs driving

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