The Too Much on Her Plate Podcast

A podcast for smart, busy women ready to create freedom from emotional eating and overeating.

Dr. Melissa McCreery's podcast addresses how to end struggles with emotional eating and overeating for good. 

Are you a smart, busy woman who's ready to make peace with food and create freedom from overeating? Are you looking for help with ending emotional eating? You're in the right place. 

Emotional eating, mindless eating, stress eating, and comfort eating aren't signs that you’re lazy or need more willpower. Let’s talk about how to ditch the diet, rewire your thoughts and stories about food, eating, and what you’re capable of, lose the overwhelm, and end the vicious cycles - for good. Life’s too short to spend it struggling with food.


We all know that there’s often a difference between a quick fix and a real, lasting solution, but when it comes to changing overeating habits, diet mentality has probably almost hypnotized you with the idea of the magical, instant answer or the perfect eating plan. Most of us know that there is no magic pill

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How do you believe you can change your overeating or emotional eating habits when you’ve been unsuccessful so many times in the past? Why is it so hard to get yourself motivated to start making changes again? Is the fact that your overeating always comes back a sign that this just isn’t meant to be?These

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I’m a huge believer in vacations, but you shouldn’t have to take a vacation from your relationship with food. Unfortunately, many smart, busy women feel like they do. The culprit: diet mentality, and thoughts and beliefs you might not even know you have.In this episode, I have some of my own thoughts to share with

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