My Word for the Week – “Savor”


My word for the week is “savor.”

Sometimes the simplest things can make life better. In fact, keeping things simple has a way of calming life down. One of the best reminders I can give myself is to savor. Savor—especially if I am stressed, or feeling overwhelmed, or busy.

Whether it’s a feeling of accomplishment, a happy few minutes in the sun, or a piece of cheesecake—when I savor something, I enjoy it to the fullest. I squeeze all the juice out of it that I can.

Savoring something, means enjoying it so much that I want to make it last forever—and I want to experience every single ounce of it. With that in mind, savor reminds me to slow down. If I savor that peanut butter cookie, then I eat it slowly, bit by bit, mindfully and deliberately tasting every bite. The word is often applied to eating, but we can savor any pleasurable experience, whether it’s the winning touchdown or a moment in the spotlight. When the focus is savoring, it’s also much easier to recognize when I’m satisfied, full, or done.

Whether it’s the food I’m eating, the conversation I’m a part of, the book I’m reading, or the walk I’m taking, savoring makes the experience richer, deeper, and usually, more satisfying. When I savor, my time feels well spent.

When I savor I’m more aware—more mindful. I’m more creative. I’m kinder and more responsive. I listen better. I enjoy more (did you know that people who focus on savoring their meal eat less and feel more satisfied?). I bet that if you measured them, my breathing and my pulse would be calmer. I certainly feel more relaxed.

It’s a lovely thing, because savoring not only feels fantastic, it makes me better.

My word for the week is savor. Want to join me? Take five minutes, or an hour. Savor something and share your experience in a comment.

Take good care,

Melissa McCreery




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