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I'm honored that you're interested in working with me one-on-one. Currently, there are two ways that we can work together:

  • The Missing Peace VIP Emotional Eating Coaching Program (3 month program)
  • Your New Path 6 Month Coaching Program

You'll find the details about each offering below, as well as the steps for how to proceed.

Dr. Melissa McCreery | Emotional Eating Coaching
emotional eating coaching program

Missing Peace VIP 3 Month Emotional Eating Coaching Program

This is your opportunity to have my one-on-one personal guidance, coaching, and support as you craft a customized formula to create freedom from overeating and peace with food – and the accountability to get into action and keep moving forward is baked right in. This program is a companion to my online program for taking control of emotional eating and overeating – Your Missing Peace.

In the Missing Peace VIP Coaching Program, I’ll work with you, step-by-step, to implement what I call the Overeating Freedom Formula. That means, one piece at a time, you’ll answer and then create workable, effective strategies that address the four fundamental questions essential for freedom from overeating:

  1. Why do I overeat? What triggers my hunger, cravings, or desire? There are reasons or “triggers” for your overeating. You begin to deactivate the power of food in your life when you discover why food is so powerful and identify the purpose it is fulfilling – so that you can stop fighting with food and address these real reasons instead.
  2. What can I do instead of overeating – that feels effective and takes the power away from food? You’ll design strategies that work in the moment, and that address your needs in the bigger picture.
  3. How should I eat to achieve my goals? You exit the overeating/weight loss hamster wheel when you learn the step-by-step process of eating in a way that fits you, and clear out the clutter of the conflicting weight loss rules you’ve collected. The need for willpower disappears and you don’t feel deprived, when you tap into a new, easier relationship with food.
  4. What about the reasons I haven’t been successful in the past? To soar past the challenges and real-life hurdles that tripped you up in the past, you need to be prepared and equipped for real life. Lasting success is the result of an Overeating Freedom Formula that takes on (and respects) the realities of your life and works – even on your most stressful or worst days.

The coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to move forward and create freedom and peace with food in your life.
  • You’re willing to commit to completing the Missing Peace program (with assistance) and you like the idea of working within a three month timeline.
  • You are open to taking action, being imperfect, and see the value in getting better at learning from mistakes  instead of feeling frustrated.
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    You understand the value of accountability and doing your part. You understand and value the concept of having deliverables that drive our work together forward (meaning you understand that you have to show up for yourself and complete each piece of the training before each of our coaching calls).
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    Maybe you’ve tried the Missing Peace program on your own – but you got stuck or off-track or life "got in the way" or you hesitated to join the online program because you know that an online program isn’t for you –because you need an individualized approach, or accountability, or someone who will help you move forward with what you want to achieve and actually figure out how to take the steps in a way that will work – and will endure.

This offering is not for you if you've: bristled at what you read so far, or if your life circumstances will not allow you to commit to a three month time line (with no exceptions), or, you don’t want a definite timeline, you prefer to move at a slower pace.

The coaching program includes:

  • A clear “let’s get this done” container of three months. No more, no less.
  • Instant access to my complete Your Missing Peace program (retail price: $697).
  • 6 private 40-minute coaching calls or Skype sessions with me (accessible from anywhere in the world where you have internet). These may be scheduled two per month.
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    Private review of and personalized feedback on all your assignments in the Missing Peace.
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    Help, accountability, and access to me to answer your questions, help you when you’re stuck, and even hold your feet to the fire (gently) when you need it.
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    Accountability and structure are built into the system. This means that in order to schedule a coaching call, you will have sent me your completed materials for that module. The program is time limited and calls won’t “rollover” each month. In other words, you are incentivized to keep moving and by not getting stuck in perfectionism, or waiting for “the perfect time” to take the next step, you’re going to kick-start your progress!

Here's how it works:

  • Complete the application below. Please note that I will use the information in your application to determine whether I feel I can provide value to you. I'm unable to work with everyone who submits an application, so, please take care in filling out your application. If we are a good fit and I can truly provide value and my schedule allows, you will receive an email from me (usually within two business days).
  • If things are a fit, your email will include a payment link so we can secure your spot. Your investment for the Missing Peace Private VIP Coaching Programwhich includes the Missing Peace training program (available for $697), and three months of private coaching and accountability with me is $1997 or 3 monthly payments of $800. 
  • Once your payment is processed, you'll receive an email with instructions for getting started, including your first Missing Peace assignment. Once that's completed, we'll schedule our first coaching call.
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    You complete each piece (module) of the training before each coaching call. You will send me your work and any comments prior to our call and I’ll review it and provide feedback. We'll use our coaching calls to help with any confusion, attack motivation issues, and generally make things work easier and better. I'll share additional tools and help you streamline the process and get the most from all the materials.
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    You’ll fill out a brief form before each coaching call that will allow both of us to be crystal clear about how to make the most of our call (don’t worry, it’s short and to the point).
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    By the end of each coaching call, you’ll have clarity about your next actions and you’ll be ready to dive into the next module and the next phase of your Overeating Freedom Formula.
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    We continue to repeat the process. You complete the next module, we schedule a coaching call and make your actions that much more effective and your progress that much better. Together we work through one module of the Missing Peace training at a time (plus an additional call at the end to put the finishing touches in place). Since each module covers a phase of the Overeating Freedom Formula, by the end of our time together you’ll have all your missing pieces and you’ll be moving forward with the right, best actions for you.
emotional eating coaching client

  J. - Private Coaching Client

 Financial Advisor 


“I am a full time financial advisor and mother of two. Since I began working with Dr. McCreery a year ago, I have increased my income substantially, still attend all of my children’s school events and sporting matches, my house is more organized than it has ever been … I am finally happy in my body. I have lost about 30 pounds, I eat whatever I want, stop when I am no longer hungry, and most importantly, the obsessions are gone. Gone are the mornings promising that I am finally going to be “good”, gone are the nights reprimanding myself for everything I did wrong, gone is the constant decision making about what to eat and when to stop.” 

emotional eating coaching client

 M. - Private Coaching Client



"This journey towards weight loss, which is what it was originally, has changed so much for me. Now I see it as a journey towards being full of life and love. The side benefit of that is that food is no longer such a coping mechanism for me. Feeling full of other things means I can let go of having to always have food. I don’t feel deprived at all. My eating is very different already. I haven’t had cravings and I am allowing myself to eat anything I feel like eating. I ate pasta three times this week!! I just didn’t need to eat lots of it. My relationship with my partner has an intimacy that I have never experienced before. I can tell that I am a better mother than I have ever ever been. I seem to have new patience and more love than I had before. . . And yes, I have lost 5 pounds this week, without trying. While eating pasta! I even ate fried chicken this week!!! I ate as much as I wanted, and then stopped, and I felt completely in control."

6 month emotional eating coaching class

Your New Path 6 Month Coaching Program

My 1:1 private six month coaching program is designed to support you with tools, strategies, support, and expertise to help you create a personalized plan for the success you crave. This is a fully customized experience where we get to the heart of why the “shoulds” haven’t worked and what you and your complicated life require to really nurture success, results, and ultimately a life that works better for you and supports you in your goals.  

The Your New Path program is designed for someone who is committed to creating lasting change and success. By design, we'll work together over a period that allows time for you to test out and implement new behaviors, routines, and ways of thinking. We'll use your experience to continually adjust your approach so that it fits you and your life. One of the strengths of this program springs from our commitment to work together for six months. During this time those challenges that have thrown you off track in the past (such as illness, stress, a crazy travel schedule, unexpected chaos, or lost motivation), inevitably crop up.

One of the most valuable pieces of our work together, will be the opportunity to work through your challenging times. We'll leverage what we learn about what gets in your way or depletes your motivation, while at the same time you'll implement new strategies and retrain your thought patterns to support success. The confidence gained when you move through the toughest times, or right yourself when you get off track, is key to creating unstoppability.

This coaching program is for you if:

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    You are tackling a set of patterns or beliefs that has existed for a long time, that feel like they're "in your bones" or you want to work intensely to get deep results in the most efficient way possible.​​​​
  • You're ready for a new level of support, from an expert, who can help you clear out the static, focus on what works, help you get out of your own way, and back in the driver’s seat. 
  • It’s possible that you can talk circles around yourself and convince everyone else you’ve got it under control (this is a big trap for smart, high-achievers). You’d like someone who can see your game and hold you to what you really want and deserve for yourself.
  • You’ve got high standards for yourself, ​​​​​​​​​​and in just about every other area, you achieve what you set out to (this is part of why the places where you struggle can feel so frustrating).
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    You tend to think and dream big – you’re not afraid of hard work, but sometimes you get tired or stressed or overwhelmed and you’re not sure of the next best step.
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    You want long term lasting results – you’re not looking for a band aid. You can see the things that haven’t worked and you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into a different way of doing things.
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    Your life is complex and you know you deserve (and crave) better than a cookie cutter solution.
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    Although you might not see exactly how it’s possible, you’d love to find an easier way of being, so you can eat less, stress less, feel more purposeful, and in charge of your life.

This 6 month coaching program includes:

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    A detailed "getting-started" questionnaire that may provide clarity and insights, all on its own.
  • A 75-minute mapping and strategy session where we create a solid foundation for our work together. We'll clarify your goals and define how our work together will fit into and enrich your life. We'll conduct a life balance survey to identify where your life is feeding you, the areas that you're satisfied with, and where you're not. We'll look at how the parts of your life work together (or don't), where you are leveraging your strengths, where things could be easier, and examine how food and eating weave their way through the facets of your life. We'll use this information to begin designing the path our work together will take.
  • We'll use a strength assessment to identify your natural and easiest approach to change and then leverage your strengths throughout our coaching so that, as much as possible, your actions, new habits, and the routines you put in place are tailored to your natural style of doing things. 
  • 17 40-minute coaching calls, via phone or Skype. We'll meet three times per month.
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    Access to my Missing Peace online program, the complete self-guided program for creating freedom from emotional eating and overeating (available for $697).
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    Email support over the time of our coaching work together.

Here's how it works:

  • Complete the application below. Please note that I will use the information in your application to determine whether I feel I can provide value to you. I'm unable to work with everyone who submits an application, so, if you know you want to work with me, please take care in filling out your application. If we are a good fit and I can truly provide value and schedule allows, we'll schedule a time to discuss the details of working together.
  • We'll schedule a 30 minute phone call to discuss specifics, answer your questions and put customizing touches on your program. This is our opportunity to make sure that working together is a great fit and the best next step and to craft the coaching experience that will work best for you. 

 Leanne - Coaching Client 



"One of my challenges has been to finish strong. Great ideas, great plans...I knew exactly what to do to lose weight and then other things would get in the way. I was forever promising myself to do better tomorrow but I was juggling too much and had no energy for the life I really wanted to live...

I am really grateful for the time working with Melissa. Even living in Sydney, Australia was no barrier in our conversations being via Skype. She helped me identify small smart changes that have had the greatest impact on my everyday life and have allowed me the space to breathe. Physically I am 28kg (62lbs) lighter. It seems like every day I’m having conversations with people who are commenting on the big changes. One of my colleages said, ‘It’s not only that you’ve lost weight – you’re actually glowing!’ It’s been amazing to see the scales go down - but the biggest change is that I have much more energy to get out and do what I want to do. I kayaked for over four hours last Saturday! Overwhelm is lifting, there will always be some things that have to be done and I am better at preparing for what I need in and around busy times. The excuses for not looking after myself are gone.

So what about finishing strong? I have realised taking one strong step at a time is possible and that what works are more do-able, even smaller steps than I used to take. This has actually led to several stronger steps to make the real change I was longing for.”

 Mary Jo Falvey 

 Business Owner 


"I had experienced a lot of life changes in recent years (moving, a child getting married, serious illness in family, youngest children going off to college, owning a small service business during a recession). I was in survival mode ... I had gained 30 pounds, I felt disconnected, alone and worried about everything. I was looking for a way to change my lifestyle habits so that I didn’t feel so overwhelmed, tired, and out of control. . . . I knew I could use the ‘excuse of I can’t afford this’ as a way not to sign up. I also knew that I had spent almost 30 years and thousands of dollars on books, programs, diets, foods, motivational cd’s etc. I was ready to make an investment in myself that could create lasting change for me. I feel very comfortable working with Melissa. She ‘gets’ me. She saw the real me and believed in the real me before I even knew who that was or what it looked like. She continually encourages me to move a little bit out of my comfort zone and towards my goals. She keeps me accountable.

Working with Melissa, I gained my spirit back. I gained the courage and the security to know that I can be at my best and that I am a good person. I learned how to stay with myself when I feel uncomfortable. I learned how to be compassionate and kind to myself. I didn’t expect that I would learn these things. I thought I would learn a system or a process to manage my time, develop willpower and be able to turn off my emotional eating switch. I used to look at certain people I knew, and admire that they could be so grounded, at peace with themselves, and at ease in the world. I am becoming more like them. I finally ‘get’ what it means to be in the present moment. I take time for myself every day. I am so glad I did this."

 Susan Spaulding 

 Management Consultant 


"Working with Melissa renewed my sense of purpose. I discovered Melissa soon after I merged my company and became a partner in a large consulting firm on the east coast. I was on an airplane every week commuting to the headquarters office or traveling for clients. I was on a non-stop out of control roller coaster. I was working 80-hour weeks, I wasn’t sleeping and I was certainly overeating. I looked for solutions and found Melissa. She quickly helped me understand I was not prepared to lose weight, not until I could regain control of other parts of my life. She gave me the courage to take control. I found the exit door and never looked back. I have lost 40 pounds. I sleep. I have time for my family. I have started several new business ventures. So, now I am a Type A business woman on my terms. Thank you, Melissa."

 Mary M. 



"Right now the food issue feels very much like a non-issue. I’m not turning to food when I get stressed. . . I started a new program to control the beginnings of diabetes. Oh what a difference after our work together! I’m able to follow the plan with no problems and no desire for any of my old comfort foods (which are terrible for blood sugar)! I have none of the obsessive and terrified thinking that if I don’t do this perfectly and get my situation under control I’ll get sick. I feel so incredibly relaxed, knowing that I can do what I can do and that I can release the results. There is no sense of angst or fear or compulsion. This NEVER would have happened before working with you one-on-one and taking your programs. I’m so glad I followed my intuition and did them. I can’t thank you enough."