Quick easy tips to get more energy when you really need it

more energyRecently I asked you to share your biggest challenge or question when it comes to taking better care of yourself and being more successful with your goals. I was swamped with responses! Here is one big obstacle that came up a lot—you want more energy.

“My biggest challenge is how to find more energy to do what I want to do? How am I supposed to take time for my needs when all I want to do is collapse (or eat)?”

There are so many do-able ways to start to increase your energy—this is a huge topic–and one I’m going to cover in depth in an upcoming program. Today though, I want to share three quick, do-able ways to get more energy when you really need it.

  1. Drink your water. I’m the poster child for good hydration. If I don’t get enough water (at least eight glasses a day), I feel tired, cranky, hungry, and I often get a headache. I don’t feel like me. When you are exhausted or when you hit that afternoon sleepy zone, go fill your water glass and drink up. Try this before you go for the latte or the diet cola. It works.
  2. Take 2 minutes. Stand up if you can. Put your hand on your heart or your belly, close your eyes, and take ten big slow breaths. Inhale energy, exhale stress and tiredness. Focus on letting your lungs relax and take in more oxygen with each breath. When we’re stressed or not breathing “consciously” we tend to breathe very shallowly and take in less oxygen. It’s depleting.
  3. Put on music. Music can shift a mood faster than just about anything (even chocolate). Create a playlist of energy boosting music. If you are somewhere where you can, do a little dancing and singing, if you aren’t, try using your mp3 player. One song can transform your whole afternoon.

These strategies work. What they don’t address is the problem of finding that everyone else is getting our energy and there is none left over for us (another big problem you all told me you are having).

Never fear! I’ll be sharing the answers to the top questions I received about how to take better care of yourself and be more successful with your goals during my FREE webinar on How to Move Past Stress and Overwhelm so You Can Take Care of YOU: Refreshing and Rejuvenating Ways to Get Your Butt in Gear. Just click here to get all the details and to save your seat.

Take good care,

Melissa McCreery

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