Four ways to rejuvenate even when you’re busy

Did you roll out of bed feeling fabulous, nourished, and well-cared for this morning? Is your energy high and are you on fire about what you’re going to accomplish? Did you show up today as your best version of yourself, feeling in charge of your game? If so, I am so happy for you and the positive energy and success you are likely to create today.

If you are like many smart, busy women, and you’re feeling a bit tired and wilted and not as perky and motivated as you’d like, here’s a question for you:

What are you doing to rejuvenate?

What are you doing for your smart, busy self to replenish, nourish, and revitalize?

How are you feeding your soul, and reinvigorating yourself for what lies ahead?

Hint: if you find yourself overeating, eating mindlessly, or wasting time and zoning out on things like Facebook (and then feeling frustrated), chances are, you are not rejuvenating.

Rejuvenation isn’t a once or twice a year vacation or a monthly trip to the spa. Real rejuvenation comes from consistent daily attention to what you really need to thrive. You don’t have to overload your to-do list to rejuvenate either. Adding simple, nourishing practices to your life can actually improve your energy, productivity, and focus, so you get more done, more easily, and feel less pull to comfort eat, stress eat, and procrastinate.

Overwhelmed, overloaded, or overeating? Here are 4 Ways to Rejuvenate:

Go inside.

Take a few minutes during the day to connect with what’s going on inside of you. Even five to ten minutes of deep breathing, meditation, visualizing what you want your day to look like, or quiet journaling will help you be more aware of what you feel and need and how to take care of yourself. You’re likely to feel more anchored, grounded, and calm. When you’re stressed or in the middle of a difficult day, closing your eyes and breathing deep for sixty seconds can help you refocus, calm you, adjust your mood, and even fight off cravings.

Get outdoors.

Sometimes the quickest, easiest way to rejuvenate is a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. Make it a priority to get outside daily – even if it’s just to take a quick walk around the parking lot, a walk to the mailbox, or standing outside your door for a few moments noticing what’s around you. Time spent outdoors leads to increased happiness, and it can be an easy way to feed your soul and clear your head.

Get to sleep.

You probably already know that most women (so that quite likely includes you) are sleep-deprived. If you aren’t regularly getting 7.5 hours of sleep a night, making this change a priority is where you can most easily and most quickly rejuvenate. Women who’ve been regularly subsisting on less, are frequently amazed at how much better they feel when they start allowing themselves the sleep they need to rejuvenate. You’ll likely notice more energy and better focus, but thanks to the physiological changes that happen when you are rested, you’ll also be less hungry and less likely to crave sugary foods and carbs.

Get into action.

If you’re sitting in front of a computer or at a desk all day, one of the best ways to rejuvenate is to give yourself the gift of daily movement. Don’t choose something you hate! Go for a walk. Stretch out the kinks in your shoulders and neck. Take a yoga class, dance around your living room, shoot baskets next door or dig in your garden. Choose the kind of movement that feels good and reminds you that you are vital and alive.

Keep rejuvenation simple, but keep it consistent. You’ll notice the difference.

Talk soon,


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