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When you're a busy high-performer, nailing a self-care routine that serves you is a lot more complicated than the tired advice of "taking a bubble bath." Join me for this FREE five day challenge where I'll be live, on video sharing a better, simpler approach to self-care:

Here's just some of what I'll be covering:

  • Day One: Kicking into gear with a successful self-care habit. How to break the cycle of collapsing on the couch with a bowl of ice cream at the end of the day.
  • Day Two: The simplest and most powerful self-care step – hands down. The most ignored simple solution that affects everything from your mood to your productivity to your metabolism – even your hunger levels.
  • Day Three: Desire: How to shift from a life filled with “shoulds” to one that actually addresses your cravings better than snacking
  • Day Four: Savoring as self-care. How to enjoy everything more, increase your productivity and decrease your stress, by actually doing less
  • Day Five: Making Self-care sustainable: How to build on the foundation you’ve created for lasting results