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Why Fight With Stress Eating When You Can End It?

Stress Eating Can Be a Big Challenge for Busy Women - But it's Winnable

You know how it goes. You get busy, life gets overwhelming, and, just like that, you are eating more sugar or "treating yourself" with extra helpings, or zoning out with a bowl of ice cream at the end of the day. Maybe you turn to food to "keep going" or to push down your feelings of stress or anxiety or frustration. As much as you want to take control, stress eating can be hard to stop - it happens when you're stressed - and that's a really hard time to take on one more problem.

Stress Eating Doesn't Have to Be a Show-stopper

Stress eating is tricky - it trips up lots of women who "know better." In fact, it’s the kind of emotional eating that can sneak up on you and happen almost on autopilot when you are overwhelmed or have too much on your plate.

Here’s the thing about stress eating. Telling yourself just not to do it doesn’t work. In fact, trying NOT to stress eat, when you don't have the right tools, actually creates more stress and struggle.

And the really rotten thing about Stress Eating? It shows up when you're least equipped to cope with it. You're already maxed out or not feeling so great, maybe exhausted, and you certainly don't have a lot of extra time and energy to put up a struggle.

If you want to take control and avoid stress eating, you need to have a plan. And a plan for success is not just about food. In fact, it doesn't start with food at all. . .

Taking Control of Stress Eating Requires a New Plan

The right tools, smart, do-able strategies, and a little bit of training can make a big difference. I've seen it happen, over and over again, and that's why I'm excited to offer you a pack of Stress Eating Solutions that you can start using today. I'm Dr. Melissa McCreery and I've been helping busy women win battles with overload, overwhelm, and overeating for over twenty years.

As a psychologist, I know that if you don't pay attention to the reason you're eating, it won't go away. And yet, we all know so many smart people who keep trying to squash stress eating (and other types of overeating and emotional eating) by trying to be tough, going hungry, or trying some crazy way of eating or working out. And we all know that none of these things really work.

I've seen too many so-called "experts" tell their clients that the most important thing is to recognize stress eating and just not give into it."

Really? Give me a break.

Knowing what you want to do and being able to actually make it happen can be two very different things.

That's why I've put together this Stress Eating Solution Pack. Because no woman should be empty-handed when she's stressed and overloaded and staring down a bag of chips.

Introducing the Stress Eating Solutions Pack

I've put the essential, smart tools and tactics for tackling stress eating together
in one easy-to-use package

Here's What's Included in the
Stress Eating Solutions Pack

The ABC Approach to Avoid Stress Eating

In this audio training, I’ll give you the ABCs to avoiding stress eating – without relying on willpower or discipline. You’ll be able to download this mp3 file directly to your phone, tablet, or computer, so you can listen wherever you are, whenever you need to. You’ll learn:

  • The 3 steps to making permanent changes in your relationship with food and your relationship with stress (so you can stop stress eating).
  • Why you don’t ever need to get it perfect – and why learning the ABCs imperfectly is actually a good thing.
  • What to do when you feel overloaded and when fighting stress eating feels like too much work (nope, it’s not “be strong and have more willpower”).

The Top 10 Ways to Declutter Your Brain and Lose 10 Pounds of Stress

You’ll receive 10 simple (that means do-able) action steps you can start taking today to move out of overwhelm and create a life that works better for you.

Follow these guidelines and you'll not only feel better, food and cravings won't be the same during busy or stressful times.

Chocolate for the Brain: Releasing Stress & Quieting Inner Noise

This is your secret sauce. You'll use this a ten minute audio daily to cope with, reduce, and even transform your stress level from the inside out.

You can download this ten minute game-changer to any device. It will help you stay focused and on track - even on your most stressful days. It’s short, sweet, and will help you start your day with focus, purpose, and calm. Use this audio to center yourself, de-stress, and prepare yourself to face those situations that have previously triggered stress eating and eating on autopilot.

All you do is listen at the start of each day. I’ll guide you through a gentle mental activity that will help you:

  • Experience a way to let go of tension, and stress and quiet your brain.
  • Discover where you are holding anxiety and overwhelm in your body.
  • Learn a technique to ground yourself, and transform adrenaline overload and physical responses to stress.

70 Powerful Ways to Take Control of Emotional Eating and Overeating

This downloadable booklet includes tips and strategies on everything from how to prevent stress eating and other types of emotional eating to how to carve out more time just for you. You'll get some bonus strategies for maximizing even ten minutes of your time and using it to feel, eat, and live better.

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