Why setting goals might sabotage you

How many weight loss goals have you set and never achieved? You’re not alone.

I’ve done a lot of training and coaching on goal setting, and I can attest that nothing drains the energy from a room full of smart women faster, than asking them to set some goals around their weight, stress, or their health.

We’re taught that goal setting is the first step toward changing something – but if this isn’t your first rodeo, you’re probably not feeling very inspired to dive into the process. And for good reason.

If you don’t light up like a Christmas tree at the prospect of identifying your next juicy goal, it’s very likely that the way you are approaching goal setting is actually sabotaging you.

Want to change that?

Let’s talk about what may be going wrong and how you can start changing your goal setting process, your energy, and your results.

Let’s start with the pitfalls:

3 Reasons goal setting may sabotage you

1.    Size matters.

Many smart, busy women set big goals that can feel overwhelming, and daily expectations that are unrealistic given the rest of their lives.

Big thinkers and successful people often envision big action. Conversely, so do people who are so frustrated with themselves or their present situation that they just want it over. The problem is, we tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in short time windows. It’s one thing to jump into a plan or start attacking a goal on Day One, but trying to do too much leads to burnout, quitting completely, overeating, and sometimes weight gain.

Goal-setting strategy:

Don’t underestimate the power of consistency. Not only does consistency create results, it fuels momentum for bigger actions and increasingly better results over time. Set goals that you really, truly believe you can succeed with. Stick with short time windows. It’s fine to have a one year goal, but you should know what you are motivated to accomplish in the next two weeks.

2.    A powerful goal is something you want.

It may sound obvious, but goal setting done wrong feels like creating another to-do list of stressful items. A goal that sabotages you feels like a “should” or a “have to.” It leaves you feeling heavy or unsure inside, and you’re probably never going to attain it.

Goal-setting success strategy:

Start with what you want, not what you need to do. A strong, powerful goal is one that’s fueled by passion. It lights you up from the inside, and you literally smile when you picture yourself achieving it. Achieving a strong goal may still require hard work, but the end result is something you want and believe in.

3.    A goal is just a thing.

Goals don’t get you to the finish line, they just help you set your GPS. Knowing what you want is critical for achieving it, but without the smart strategy and the right systems, the gap between you and your goal isn’t likely to change. Busy people can make the mistake of continually going back to systems and strategies that don’t work instead of taking the time to get a different perspective and a better approach. This is a huge pitfall when it comes to attempts to lose weight.

Goal-setting success strategy:

Pair your amazing goal with a well-designed system that will strategically take you through the steps to your goal.

Want more specifics on strategy and systems for lasting success with overeating and weight? Check out Your Missing Peace: The Coaching Club.

Take good care,

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