Simple 10 minute habits that help end overeating

You might say it’s hard to get control of eating because you are so short on time or energy. Food may seem like a quick and easy comfort to reach for when you are stressed or overloaded. However, these ten minute tips are extremely effective ways to end vicious cycles with food.


  1. Minimize night eating.

    Create a wind-down ritual that includes some nice things for you without including food.

  2. Carve out “me” time.

    Pay attention to what you really need, even in small doses. You will be less likely to turn to food for a reward or for escape.

  3. Short-circuit stress eating and overwhelm.

    Claim ten minutes at the beginning of your day to get clear on your priorities, identify where to best spend your time and energy, and set your schedule.


  1. Create a ten minute transition between your work day and your after-work routine.

    Breathe. Be. Getting clear about your needs and plans for the rest of the day can help curb impulsive eating and overeating.

  2. Spend a few minutes at the beginning of your week to get clear on your priorities and your boundaries.

    Give yourself permission to say “no” so you have the time and energy to address your real priorities.

  3. Take a ten minute time out when you feel like overeating or rewarding yourself with food.

    Leave the area, put on music, or stand up and stretch.


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