Simple Self Care: Mindless Reading Beats Mindless Eating

You know those days when you’re simply too tired to do much for yourself and you just want to escape? Sometimes a big thick book is just the ticket–mindless or maybe completely engrossing reading–junk food or gourmet cuisine for your mind–whatever fits the bill. Here’s one of my favorite self care resources for an unlimited supply of great reads:

It’s not Amazon–this resource is free.  Have you been to your library lately?

I’m proud to live in a city that has more books checked out per capita than any other library in the U.S. (We also have more drive-through latte stands too—I guess both might reflect our dark rainy winters).  In any case, I want to share a wonderful perk that makes pursuing one of my favorite passions—reading—even easier.

My public library allows me to reserve books online.  Yours probably does too.  If you aren’t already doing so, you might want to check it out.  I can go online and reserve any books I’m interested in.  In a few days (sometimes hours) I’ll receive an email alerting me that my books are ready and waiting to be picked up.  At our library, it’s possible to put yourself on the waiting list for books that haven’t been released yet and to request copies of books (and music) that the library doesn’t own.  Last month I borrowed and read Janet Evanovich’s newest Stephanie Plum novel, Finger Lickin’ Fifteen before it was even available in bookstores—for free!

If reading is one of your self care strategies, I highly recommend you hop online and check out the options your library has available.

Take good care,


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