Why smart, busy women overeat (the BEAST cycle)

It’s so easy to get stuck in ongoing cycles and stuck spots with overeating and weight. Breaking free – and creating lasting results – begins with understanding that the repeating cycle or struggle is caused by important factors that have nothing to do with food – but everything to do with why you’re overeating or struggling to lose weight.

This is critical – and it’s incredibly empowering. Once you understand this piece of the puzzle, you can begin to tackle your situation from a whole new angle. Instead of struggling to “not eat” or conjure up more willpower, you can start taking steps to take your power back from food.

This is exactly the process I’ll walk you through in the upcoming Where Thin Begins.

The place to begin is by understanding the BEAST cycle – it’s the foundation of overeating and weight struggles for so many smart, busy women. It’s how we tend to “short circuit.”

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When it comes to the BEAST vicious cycle, you may have all, some, or one of the components. What’s important to know is that they can each feed off of and intensify each other. One can lead to another, and each makes the others worse. Every part of this cycle can trigger hunger and overeating.

The components of BEAST work together to create a powerful, reinforcing cycle of what I call the 3 Os – Overload, Overwhelm, and Overeating.

Looking at the BEAST cycle, you can start to grasp how powerful each piece is. And none of these pieces are addressed by focusing on what to eat or dieting.

Here’s the good news. You can “rewire” your short circuits and break free of the BEAST cycle. Just as each piece of the cycle negatively combines to create more and more problems, positive changes in any area – sometimes even small changes – can reverberate and start to reverse the whole vicious cycle into something I call a transformation cycle. Creating your own transformation cycle is the foundation of Where Thin Begins.

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