Smart weight loss help – how to open your mind to eat smarter

Strategies, plans, and tips for weight loss are everywhere. In fact, your mind is probably swirling with more weight loss help and healthy eating advice than you can possibly process. Most women who I talk with about overeating are frustrated, in part because they can outline so clearly what they think will work for them. They can write down a food plan and an exercise goal that will help them fit back into their jeans. The problem (and the frustration) comes when they just can’t stick with it.

Rather than going another round with a weight loss plan that you have to “make yourself” follow, that leaves you hungry or feeling deprived, or that just plain doesn’t happen, how about taking a deep breath and diving into the smartest kind of weight loss help I know.

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Smart Weight Loss Truths and a Tip

Truth number one – You know yourself better than anyone.

You have lived inside your body your entire life. If you are only looking outside yourself for weight loss help, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Truth number two – The best tips for weight loss are the ones that fit you.

You don’t have to do everything perfectly to achieve the results you are craving. You simply have to discover what works for you. The easiest path is going to be one that fits with your tastes, your lifestyle, and your already complicated life.

Truth number three (the one everyone has usually forgotten by the time they’ve struggled with the scale for as long as they have) – you are a smart cookie.

You’ve probably done an amazing thing (or twelve) in other areas of your life. This is something you can do – but you’ve got to honor and respect who you are and what you know.

Next time you “get started,” or “fall off track” or even “fail” at your healthy eating plan, leverage your own smart, savvy, wise self. Instead of going down the narrow, unhelpful path of getting frustrated with yourself and blaming yourself for all the things that didn’t go right – before you  call yourself names and tell yourself “what you need to do” and trying to get tough with yourself to do it, may I suggest a smarter, Plan B?

[Tweet “Stop telling yourself what you need to do to lose weight, and ask yourself (kindly) why you haven’t.”]

If you ask with compassion, you’ll get some important information:

I’ve got too much stress

I need to eat to stay awake in the afternoon

It’s my reward

I can’t stick to my plan when I’m always in an airport

There are too many temptations at the office

Sometimes I think I’m afraid to succeed

I’m always hungry and this plan doesn’t fill me up

What shows up when you ask?

Don’t brush off these answers. They are gold. They likely aren’t excuses and if they are, ask yourself (kindly) why you are feeling the need for an excuse. The best weight loss help you can give yourself will arrive when you start tackling the challenges that come up when you ask. When you ask kindly. And like the smart cookie that you know you are.

Take good care,

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