Smart Woman’s Interview: Dr. Kim D’Eramo – How to turn off the toxic stress response

Kim_DeramoMy friend Dr. Kim D’Eramo is one of the most passionate physicians I know. After suffering through a chronic illness doctors told her she would just have to “deal with” and take medications, she refused to accept that as her solution.

Kim is no ordinary physician. In addition to her conventional medical training, she’s studied MindBody Medicine and learned about the body’s ability to heal itself. She’s been using the “Mind-Body Connection” to literally heal her patients for years. Her new book, The MindBody Toolkitteaches 10 easy-to-access strategies (tools) that you can start using right away to leverage the power of your thoughts and feelings for more happiness, health, and success.

Recently, Dr. Kim and I sat down to talk about the mind-body connection and how to use it to stop toxic stress, have more energy, and be busy and happy (instead of overwhelmed and stressed). While we could have talked for hours, we covered a lot of ground in less than one.

Check out my interview with Kim!

In case you’d like a preview, here’s just some of what Dr. Kim and I cover in this 48-minute interview:

  • Why we need mind-body tools and how you may be underestimating the power of your feelings
  • Quick practices that Dr. Kim says are essential and non-negotiable
  • Your ONE thing that can make the difference between a fulfilling life and feeling like you have too much on your plate
  • How to quickly turn off the toxic stress response


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