Spring Cleaning: Ready to Dump the Nonproductive Habits That are Holding You Back?

This is the second in my series of blog posts about spring cleaning for those of us with too much on our plates. Share a comment or thought–what are you clearing out?

junkSpring Cleaning: Ready to dump the nonproductive habits that are holding you back?

Cleaning out a closet or a drawer feels rewarding, but what about looking at the habits and routines that are cluttering up your life and not getting you where you want to go? Take inventory of how you are really spending your time—that’s the true indicator of your priorities. What are the time and energy wasters in your life? Make a list. Include them all. Don’t worry yet about what to do about them, just take inventory.  Creating your plan of attack is the next step. If you don’t see an immediate way to fix the situation, I suggest you brainstorm. Could you delegate? Redesign the task? Eliminate it all-together? If not, how could you add more joy or make it more pleasant (never underestimate the power of good music while doing anything unappealing).

Look carefully for time wasters—activities that use your time and energy and don’t pay you back in any way. Are you spending too much time online, keeping up with email or doing mindless activities? Have you gotten out of the habit of going outside and into the habit of too much TV? Make a new list of the habits you want to eliminate AND the new habits you plan to replace them with.

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