Step into your power

step_into_your_powerWhen I feel stuck, there is a simple ritual I like to do (when I’m not so stuck that I forget to do it).

By simple I mean really simple. Because when I’m feeling stuck or overloaded or overwhelmed, a complicated plan of attack is just not going to happen.

So here’s the ritual.

I take a deep breath. And I look at my feet.

And I decide where I’m going to step next.

I reduce the required forward motion to just one simple step.

As in what is one simple thing – the next thing – I can do right now to move forward?

More often than not, that next step is nothing earth shattering and it’s not super challenging. It’s something like closing all the distracting windows on my computer. Or getting up and brewing a cup of tea so I can break out of my fog and start fresh. It’s taking the time to write out a schedule for the next few days or to block out time in my schedule to get something done.

Sometimes I adopt a power pose (have you seen Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk?) or I write down 3 things I WILL get done before the end of the day and I commit again.

Sometimes my next step isn’t even action. It’s stopping the useless, time wasting, distracting actions I’ve been losing myself in and simply taking the time to sit with myself. To pay attention to how I’m feeling and to check in with what I need. Or asking myself whether I need to pay attention to something that is causing me to sit in this place of stuck.

I don’t judge the size of this step because I know that motion is happening. I am starting something and as long as I keep taking steps the momentum will keep building.

As long as I keep accumulating good choices and effective bits of action I will be building results – and confidence for the next-size steps.

You know, what? Exactly what that step IS actually isn’t that important. What’s important is that moment when I look at my feet.

That’s the moment when I decide to stop being stuck and to step forward.

That’s the moment that I step into my power.

Look at your feet.

What’s your next move?

Take good care,

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