Stop Worrying About Self-care

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How can I fit myself in? How can I make time for me? How do I decide what to do when it ALL seems important? “How do I stop snacking when it’s the only treat I get?”

These questions rotate through my email inbox on an almost daily basis. These are concerns that plague many of you and the issue of whether you can find or make time for yourself or whether it’s “okay” to put yourself first (or even put yourself on your to-do list at all) occupies a lot of mental space.

The key to making it all work?
Stop asking the questions.

That’s right—stop worrying about self-care or asking if your day “will permit” you to take care of yourself. Just do it.
There are some things in life we just do. We do them because we have to or because we have simply accepted that they are a part of the daily requirements of living. Unless you are the parent of a non-sleeping newborn, you probably don’t ask yourself routinely how you can find time to go to the bathroom or brush your teeth and you don't worry about how you will find the time to go to work. You just do these things. Because they are necessary.

You likely don’t agonize about whether you should say “no” to something in order to have time to fill the gas tank in your car because you know that without gas, the car isn’t going to take you anywhere you need to go. You need fuel to operate and you act accordingly. You get the gas.

It’s not a stretch to apply the same logic to your own wellbeing. Really, it isn’t.
But amazingly, many busy, otherwise intelligent women are trying to operate their lives without fuel. And they find themselves overwhelmed, overtired, overeating, and out of mojo.

It’s not working and it’s time to make some major adjustments.

Start by stopping the questions about “can I?” and replacing them with the statements “I need to” and “I know it’s essential that.”

As in, “I need to allow myself time to eat a healthy lunch” and “I know it’s essential that I take time for a walk today because it helps me feel better and less stressed.” “I need to take a break so I’ll be able to refocus on this project and so I don't resort to nervous eating this afternoon.”

Put yourself on the priority list, not off to the side where you list the extra things that you hope to have time for.

Putting yourself first and taking a stand on your own behalf is a declaration, not a question. It isn’t always easy, but the payoff is huge.

Take good care,

PS: Would you like some structure to help you put yourself first without feeling guilty? Check out my Put Yourself First 7 Day Blast-off for a simple, do-able way to stop worrying about and start doing self-care.

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