Stress, Overwhelm, and Too Much Stuff: Not Your Best Look

stress, overwhelm, and too much stuffWhat do you need to clean up?

This weekend, my husband and I cleaned up some drawers and closets and took a big load of stuff to Goodwill.  Dropping off boxes of outgrown kids’ clothes and stuff we no longer use felt so good.  As we were driving away, I actually said to my husband, “Don’t you feel lighter?”  I did.  I had been weighed down by the clutter of  stuff that had been taking up space and crowding nooks and crannies of our house for far too long.

Holding onto things that don’t serve you well anymore or trying to function amidst disorder is like trying to fit yourself into clothes that no longer fit.  It’s really hard to feel and be your best when you are constrained in that way.

As we move into a new season, I challenge you to look, with fresh eyes, at your life.  What do you need to clear out or clean up?  What is weighing you down or adding to stress and overwhelm that needs to go away?  Is it “stuff,” a task you’ve been doing routinely that doesn’t work for you, or maybe a chore you’ve been neglecting?

For my neighbor recently, it was her dirty car.  She literally needed to clean out her car because the state of it was driving her nuts and “ignoring it” was taking energy she didn’t want to spend.  For another friend, it was saying something she had been not saying to another friend for months.  She was getting more and more frustrated and the situation needed to be addressed. My colleague is taking the family computer to someone to get it cleaned up and hopefully moving a lot faster.

Do you have disorder that’s contributing to stress, overwhelm, or just getting in the way of you being your best?

What do you need to clean up or out?

Take good care,


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