The Easy Path to Lasting Change

Lately, when I’ve been talking to people about their big dreams, and the changes they want to make in their lives, a common theme shows up.

The theme is feeling overwhelmed and like the thing they want to do will require more work and more energy than they have. The problem is, continuing to have that big dream and not pursue it takes up energy too. It also takes a toll on our confidence and our happiness.

Several years ago, I started experimenting with taking small steps instead of trying to take on major life overhauls. I started some new habits that were small at first, but easy to follow through on. I took steps that took five or ten or even twenty minutes. And as this got easier, I kept building.

Today, as I look at my life, I have habits, routines, and ways of thinking that come easily for me. My small steps worked. They have made my life richer and healthier and making these changes didn’t add to my stress. In many ways, they actually reduced it. I’ve seen this approach work for my coaching clients too. We’ve made big (and lasting) changes in lots of areas. Eating, stress, work, relationships—this small step approach works just about anywhere.

As August ends, we’re heading into a fresh new season. Many of you may be thinking of the upcoming weekend as a “last hurrah” or the gateway to a “fresh start.” I also know some of you are feeling “behind” or like you have way too much to do to even begin, or other thoughts that feel overwhelming and hard.

Can I challenge you to do it differently?

Small steps. Take one today. In fact, take it in the next hour. Something entirely do-able that moves you one inch closer to the goal or dream you have. Drink a glass of water. Look up the lap swim schedule at the pool. Call a friend to schedule a time to talk and decompress. Attack one pile of clutter.

One small do-able step—and tomorrow, take another one. Will you join me?

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