The Link Between Your Fitness and Your Success

Today is the first day of the first Body Mind and Business Breakthrough Telesummit! If you haven’t yet grabbed a seat–please do. We’re bringing you eleven incredible experts who will be sharing their wisdom on creating your best life and your best business. You can attend at no cost, or take advantage of a few bonus-paced options. We are kicking things off with fitness strategist Ashley Mahaffey who has tremendous energy an amazing knack for getting people into action. I hope you’ll join us on the call. Here’s a recent blog post from Ashley and a taste of what she has to offer.

The Money and Physical Fitness Factor All Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Guest post by Ashley Mahaffey

Your physical fitness is not an accessory, but a necessary tool in your outrageously successful business.

Being maximally productive to crank out products and services of tremendous value requires energy, and lots of it!  However, many people choose to invest in the accessories – website make-over, flashy power point slides, software, another training seminar, a posh outfit, etc – before considering to invest in their physical fitness.

Hey, clients aren’t buying your stuff (website, powerpoint slide, elevator speech)…really.  They are buying what you are able to uniquely serve up that impacts their lives.  How about offering them your best?  Which begs the question:  Are you truly giving from your best position?

Leaders Who Are Smashing it!

I work with many successful speakers and trainers.  They are all passionate about their work and their commitment to physical fitness increases their energy to blow away the competition.

What is clear to me is that after investing in their physical fitness my clients’ specific content doesn’t change.  They don’t all of a sudden get more knowledge to pass on to their customers.  However, the energy around delivering their message does increase.

Cost of Your Handicap

If you’re not making time for personal care and creating a holy hour  it is not only hurting your optimal health but your ability to serve your customers and get paid for doing it well.

Holding space for regular exercise will raise your game.  The truth is that if you are educated, disciplined and focused on the goal of being physically fit the end result will be that you look and feel dynamic.

After the Honeymoon

After, the courting phase with your fitness wanes and the lusty newness wears off the real challenges set in.  Travel, family and work obligations look more attractive.  But, mastery over your weight, strength and energy are achievable.

I encourage you to get a mentor or buddy to hold you accountable.

And, I’m in the business of building champions.  What I know for sure is that everyone has a champion inside.  But the champion inside of each one of us requires that we make the choice to step into our big girl shoes each day.

Step up!

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