The three minute gift

3minutegiftSometimes it can be simple. Even in the midst of all the stress and the busyness.

If you are reading this, you likely feel like you have too much on your plate (in one form or another). And it affects you.

Maybe it’s literally too much on your plate – you’re eating more than you want or in a way that doesn’t serve you, you aren’t happy with the results, but (oh how frustrating!) you haven’t been able to change it.

Maybe it’s life or your schedule or your career that feels like too much and you just know you aren’t showing up or feeling the way that you’d like.

In these moments, the weight of it all can feel paralyzing. And thinking about what to do about it can feel exhausting.

It doesn’t need to be.

Today, try this out – it’s short and sweet.

Just take a minute – let’s say three. Breathe in deep and put your hand on your heart. Inhale and exhale. Let your lungs expand and breathe out some of the overwhelm and the pressure. Let any guilt or self blame escape with your out breath.

Come into your body. Feel your heart beating under your hand. Close your eyes and for these short moments just listen to yourself. Listen to yourself.

Ask the question:

What do I need?

What do you need in this moment? What can you give yourself in these three minutes?



A nice slow cat stretch or a cup of tea?

Permission (from you) to ask for help?

Silence and space?

Do not get all hung up in feeling like you can’t have what you need (if you feel this way). Part of the gift you are giving yourself is permission to know that you have the longing.

The craving.

The need.

Sometimes the only gift you give yourself is the care and the love that you would give to anyone else who wants something they haven’t yet figured out how to get.

Take the three minutes. Take the breath. Ask yourself what you need. Listen carefully. Do what you can.

It’s the best gift you can ever give yourself in any moment.

Take good care,

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