This is NOT Your Grandfather’s Telesummit

Old Man DriverThis is not your grandfather’s telesummit.

No it is not. This week at the Body Mind and Business BreakthroughTelesummit we’ve covered the relationship between your fitness and your earning power, your juicy message and why you need to bring it to the world, weight loss resistance (yes! It exists!) and what to do about it, and why you are entitled to feel vibrant and better than you did when you were twenty, and how to stand out on the web with naked originality!

And there are still two weeks to go!

Therese Skelly and I have also conducted some sizzling bonus interviews. Our bonus chats with Stephanie McWilliams and Molly Luffy contain great tips for leveraging your environment to propel you forward and the value of nurturing deep self love for yourself, your life and your business.

Nope, not your grandfather’s telesummit.

And more incredible stuff is still to come.

Check out the rest of the agenda here (and never fear, we’ve created options for you to catch up on all you’ve missed).

I’ll continue to provide you tastes of what we have planned. Here’s a great guest post from Andrea J. Lee who will be speaking on June 9 on From Adrenaline, Stress and Anxiety to Peaceful Productivity: To Have It All, You Must Know How Much Is Enough. Enjoy!

Bodily Incompetence | Ignoring what’s right in front of our noses. Or Ignoring our noses, actually

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