This is why calling yourself lazy may be sabotaging you

Where Thin BeginsIf you, like many smart, busy women, struggle with overeating, emotional eating, or an extra ten (or more) pounds, we need to address a big myth that may be part of the problem.

You aren’t lazy and I’m betting you do not need to “try harder” or find a way to have more willpower.

You’re smart and you’re used to creating results. In most other areas, you make things happen. You’re used to being effective – and not seeing results in this one area probably drives you nuts. You may be blaming yourself for not doing enough.

Telling yourself things like:

If I could just be more disciplined. . .

. . . work harder

. . . control my cravings . . .

I don’t mean to be obnoxious, but – how’s that self-blame working for you?

I’m betting it isn’t.

If you feel stuck with overeating that doesn’t change and weight that won’t budge, the smartest thing you can do is stop believing you are lazy or lack willpower.

First of all, it’s probably not true. Look at the rest of your life and tell me you’re not a woman who knows how to work hard and do tough things.

I’ll wait.

I thought so.

I’ve been helping smart, successful women end struggles with food and weight for over twenty-five years now.

Lasting happiness or weight loss are never achieved by endless discipline or deprivation.

Believing this myth will only leave you feeling more exhausted, stressed, and eventually, hopeless.

What works?

Start with the reality that your relationship with food is complex.

If you are overeating, food is serving a purpose in your life. Understanding what that is is the first step to making long-term, successful changes.

The real truth is that many smart, high-performers end up turning to food because it’s an easily available, convenient way to feel good in a pinch, squash down feelings of stress, get a small taste of comfort or indulgence, or escape from your crazy life.

Food can feel like your friend if you’re short on sleep, time, patience, or other kinds of self-care or nurturing.

Figuring out how to make the small (and bigger) life shifts so that your life is rebalanced and you are feeding your cravings without relying on food is an essential part of the process. It’s where real thin begins.

Start doing it differently. Stop calling yourself lazy or weak and start looking at why the chocolate is calling to you. When you start understanding what’s really going on, you’ll be facing the right direction – the one that leads to real progress.

Talk soon,

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