Thoughts About Candy Corn (and a new free teleseminar)

candycornDoes this happen to you?

Every year, at about this time, I notice the bags of candy corn in the stores. I don’t even like candy corn (does anyone, really?), but it reminds me of fall and Halloween, and childhood, and I almost always develop a craving. It’s a once-a-year-treat and I buy a bag.

Next week it might be pumpkin scones and eggnog lattes (again, I don’t think they taste NEARLY as good as they sound). It seems like from now until after the Superbowl (at least in the United States), the stores and the media will be dishing up one tempting food-filled event after another.

And then there is the shopping. This year, I am already getting email reminders about holiday purchases I made last year, asking—“would I like to buy again?” My to-do list gets longer in the last quarter of the year. This season brings more traveling, more visitors, special events and breaks from school and end-of-year business stuff….

I love this time of year, but it can be stressful. And it’s the kind of season that can knock the best of us out of our routines, our healthy habits, and our good intentions.

Two years ago, I offered a program that was focused on holiday survival. It was quite successful and participants loved it.  This year, I’ve decided to go one (big) step further. I’m going to be offering a THRIVING the fall and winter holidays series. It’s going to be fun, focused, and easy to participate. I’ll be sharing many more details in a free teleseminar I’m offering next week:

How to THRIVE During the Fall and Winter Holiday Season: Tips for staying on track with your goals, your health, and your life

Yes, I’ll be previewing my new series (and offering a VERY special deal to those on the call), but I’ll also be sharing do-it-yourself actions for you to take NOW in order to savor the next few months and stay on track with the things that are important to you.

During the teleseminar, I’ll share:

  • Why it’s important to think about the holiday season NOW even though it’s only October
  • The difference between surviving and thriving during the holidays and shifts you can start to make today to put yourself on the “thrive” side of the equation
  • 2 common blind spots that can sabotage your success and happiness over the next few months
  • What you MUST feed yourself to be successful
  • 2 things you can do RIGHT NOW to maximize your success

I’d love for you to join me (and yes, the call will be recorded so you can listen on your own schedule).

You can get all the details, and reserve your seat here.

Take good care,


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