TSSThe Success Soundtrack™

The Success Soundtrack™ (How to Add More Ease, Joy, Me-time AND Success in Just Ten Minutes a Day) does just that. If you are too busy to even figure out where to begin, this plug-and-play soundtrack is where to dive in. You invest ten minutes a day listening to just one soundtrack.  I’ll walk you through the steps of getting relaxed, grounded, clear on your goals and priorities, and inspired for your day. Details and reviews of the Success Soundtrack™ are here.

PYFHow To Put Yourself First – 7 Day Blast-off

My Put Yourself First 7 Day Blast-off  gets you implementing the secrets to fitting yourself in—without feeling selfish. This program is designed to be easily manageable and it won’t waste your time. For seven days you’ll learn and take action (in bite-size portions) via email and audio training.

Click here to learn more and to read what participants say about their 7 day experience.

GOOGet Over Overeating 7 Day Jumpstart

Find out how to step away from diets and deprivation and set your inner GPS towards a new peace with food with this 7 Day, step by step, program.

  • Get a handle on specific situations or feelings that trigger overeating for you and develop strategies that you can use instead of eating.
  • Develop strategies for handling tough situations that don’t include turning to food.
  • Discover the recipe for choosing the most effective strategies for specific situations that have triggered overeating in the past.
  • Identify the changes you can make that will make it easier to avoid overeating.
  • Discover specific ways to make yourself feel better and cared for and to upgrade the way you take care of yourself (so you aren’t trying to reward yourself with chocolate).
  • Identify the next steps in your journey that are customized to you and your life, do-able, and that will continue to move you forward. .