Too Much On Her Plate Week Free Teleseminar: Honoring Our Time With Boundaries

about_paulaYou are invited to a free teleseminar with Paula Eder in honor of Too Much On Her Plate Week!

Our Topic: Honoring Our Time With Boundaries

Is your time continuously eaten up by everyone else’s demands?  Do you find it difficult to set boundaries and maintain them?  One of the biggest obstacles for busy women working to create a healthy lifestyle is making the time to fit in the good stuff.  Good intentions and even the best laid plans fall apart if we can’t ever seem to “get to them.”

This month I’m interviewing life coach and time finder expert Paula Eder, PhD, on Honoring Your Time With Boundaries. We’re making this teleseminar available to you–free of charge–in honor of Too Much On Her Plate Week.

In this call Paula will cover:

  • How to REALLY value your time and your boundaries
  • How to find time
  • The different types of boundaries on our time and why they are important
  • Do-able tips for protecting your time and setting boundaries that work
  • How to protect your time from the requests and demands of others

Paula Eder, The Time Finder Expert, is the founder of Finding Time LLC and the creator of the Heart-Based Time Management System.  For more than thirty years, she has taught solopreneurs and small business owners how to successfully align their time choices with their life goals and core values. Through her Heart-Based Time Management System, Paula mentors her clients to address their time management challenges by integrating their compassion, values, and problem-solving abilities. She helps busy people to make authentic time choices that lead to business and academic success, personal growth, vibrant health, and positive life changes.

The teleseminar will take place: October 21 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern
The call will run about an hour. Don’t worry if you can’t attend. This call will be recorded, and all who register will be sent access to the recording as soon as it is available.
Go here to reserve a spot and access to the recording.

Take good care,


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