Too Much On Her Plate Week: Prepare to Celebrate!

fireworksMany professional women are successful in what they do for a living, but are struggling with overeating and weight loss issues. It’s often being too busy that leads to not enough time to care for one’s self. When that happens, many women turn to food for comfort, stress relief, a break—to fill in the needs they don’t feel like they have the time to fill with good stuff.

You know I’m passionate about providing effective solutions for women with too much on their plates.  I’m also all about doing things in the easiest way possible and making sure we take the time to pause and to celebrate the good stuff. So when I saw my birthday approaching this year, I decided to go BIG.

I’ve created Too Much on Her Plate Week which runs the week of my birthday–from October 19 to October 23–so that women can learn to get stuff off their plate, literally and figuratively. And I’ve tried to make it as simple and fun as possible.

Too Much on Her Plate Week calls attention to the more than 150 million professional women who are either employed by a business or as an independent professional in the United States. These women are often moms too, creating limited time and a lot of plate spinning (and juggling). The pressure to get it all done contributes further to many women’s struggles with weight and food.
In celebration of Too Much on Her Plate Week, I’m going to keep encouraging you to:

1.  Carve out some time for yourself. The biggest mistake busy women make is not taking some time for self-care. Most often, it’s not that a professional woman can’t have it. It’s that they aren’t choosing to take it. Prioritize yourself.

2.  Have a plan for eating and exercise. We tend to be great planners for the most part. Apply those skills to yourself and plan your meals and time for exercise.

3.  Pay attention. Emotional eating – especially stress eating, often sneaks up on women. Pay attention to those times when you want something to eat and ask why.

Oh—and every celebration should have gifts.  So be sure to come back on October 19 to join the celebration and collect lots of valuable goodies that will help you clean off your plate.

Take good care,


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