Tough love is overrated

Times are tough, stress levels are high, and for a lot of people, the temptation to use food as a solution is strong.

In a world where so much seems out of control, it’s frustrating when a habit like overeating has the upper hand.

One familiar impulse is to double-down and try harder.

But what if you didn’t?

Instead of vowing to try harder, what if you asked yourself how it could be easier?

Instead of demanding more from yourself, what if you looked at how you could remove or lessen obstacles and challenges that pull you off track?

Instead of yelling at yourself about persistence and consistency, what if you made your expectations smaller and more do-able – so that you could better build the habit of continually doing the thing you want to do?

What if you were less drill sergeant with yourself and more compassionate big sister or best friend?

Where could you encourage instead of punish?

What would you forgive?

Where would you show kindness and more respect?

Change is a process, a series of steps. Sometimes when we get stuck it’s because we’ve driven ourselves into a dead end with an approach that doesn’t get us where we want to go.

Tough love and high expectations have their uses, but they aren’t the most powerful tools when it comes to creating freedom from overeating and peace with food. Especially right now.

Creating positive change for yourself is an act of self-care. What does the next step look like for you today?

We can do this,


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