Join me for the free 5-day
Freedom from Overeating Workshop!

This psychologist-designed, free online workshop for smart, busy women. Starts April 29!

Let me show you how to lose your overeating and emotional eating habits instead of fighting them. 

If you're a smart woman who secretly wonders whether it's really possible to change your overeating or emotional eating habits, the Freedom from Overeating Workshop is for you. 

Join me April 29 - May 3 @ noon EST/9:00am Pacific for this free 5-day workshop where you'll learn the 4-step approach no one ever taught you - so you can stop overeating and emotional eating - without guilt, without superhuman levels of willpower, and without feeling deprived.

Thank you Dr. McCreery for offering these  sessions. In this short amount of time you have taught me so much about myself that I wasn't even aware of. I'm working on shaking the whole diet mentality and really understanding why I was overeating. Practicing these skills the last week I've lost 5lbs and I'm not thinking about food all the time.

Charlene - Workshop Participant

It's time to take your power back
from overeating.

You can stop fighting with food. You can end the cycle of running out of willpower, blaming yourself, and endlessly "starting over on Monday." 

 In this free workshop series, I'll teach you an approach that allows you to lose your cravings and urges to overeat, so that you can eat in a way that you loveachieve your goals, and feel confident that you can maintain them.

Join me for this free 5-Day online event and walk away with a brand new approach to end struggles with emotional eating and overeating. One that fits you and is built to create lasting results.

It all happens April 29-May 3 @ noon EST/9:00am Pacific (and yes, there are replays!)

Led by Psychologist and Emotional Eating Expert Dr. Melissa McCreery

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Dr. Melissa McCreery

Learn what smart women need to know so they can end overeating struggles once and for all with Psychologist Dr. Melissa McCreery

Dr. Melissa McCreery is a psychologist, emotional eating expert, author, host of the Too Much on Her Plate podcast, and the creator of Your Missing Peace, the program that supports smart, busy women in creating freedom from overeating and peace with food. She has helped thousands break cycles with overwhelm, overload, and overeating without feeling deprived, and without depending on ridiculous amounts of willpower. Participants in her signature program, lose their cravings and their overeating habits. Because when you discover how to take the power away from food, the struggle dissolves. And when you learn to make peace with food, your whole life gets better.

The 5-Day Freedom from Overeating Workshop is for you if:

You're a smart, busy women who is ready to solve your overeating puzzle - so you can focus your valuable time and energy on better (and more fun) stuff

You're a high-achiever who does hard things every day, and you're ready to stop relying on superhuman self-control and willpower to control overeating and emotional eating). You're ready to stop pushing and controlling and thinking so much about this. When it comes to your relationship with food, you want ease, and peace, and freedom.

You know that diets don’t work – and make you miserable – but aren’t sure what to do instead. You're ready to open your mind to a new approach - and the idea that maybe this can all be easier

You've created success in multiple areas of your life but haven’t been able to figure out how to stop overeating or emotional eating (yet). You're ready to reclaim your confidence - and your competence

You'll get new resources all week - in less than an hour each day,

Each day I'll share a live training with you where I'll turn your approach to changing your overeating or emotional eating upside down (that's a good thing).  Over the course of a week, I'll show you how to put the missing pieces together so you can take your power back from overeating and emotional eating:


Your New 5-Minute Routine that Interrupts Overeating Caused by Emotions, Overwhelm, or Stress


An Anti-Diet Approach That Dissolves the Biggest Obstacle to Ending Overeating (An Obstacle That You’re Probably Not Even Aware Of)


The One Adjustment That Will Make Ending Overeating 100% More Achievable and Less Stressful (Really)


The Simple Twist That Will Make Your Overeating Freedom Formula Failproof (No Matter What Life Throws at You)


How to Design a Deprivation-Free Plan That's Tailor-made to Be Sustainable and Fit YOU

I'm feeling hopeful and empowered !!!

Workshop Participant

This has truly helped me with eating when I'm not hungry!

Workshop Participant

So eye opening!! I can see my self spiraling upward into joy and freedom instead of downward into hopelessness or despair.

Workshop Participant

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