Want to Lose Weight Busy Lady? Are You Feeding Yourself?

feed your soul I hear it all the time.  When I talk with smart busy women who want to feel better, lose weight, or create a healthier life style, they tell me about all the things they need to STOP doing.  “I need to stop overeating… quit snacking at night… stop being so lazy… stop procrastinating…”

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

As you can imagine, they also sound about as enthusiastic as if they were discussing a trip to the oral surgeon.  If they are coaching with me, we change course pretty quickly.

Let’s get real. The woman with too much on her plate is already full up to HERE with “shoulds” and “have-tos” and obligations.  The last thing she needs is one more unpleasant task or one pleasure removed from her life.

The truth is, overeating and struggles to create or maintain a healthy lifestyle are major problems for many savvy women, and it’s NOT because they are unmotivated, lazy, or don’t know what they “should” be doing.  My goodness—look what you smart souls accomplish in the rest of your life!

For many women, battles with food and weight are emotional.  Food becomes the go-to strategy when they aren’t getting what they need in the rest of their lives.

How to lose weight and take control of overeating?  Feed yourself!  Feed your soul. Feed your spirit.  Feed your other senses.  While you take care of everyone else, make sure you are taking good care of yourself too.  Make time for the things that make you smile.  Remember to play.

Take good care,

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