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Powerful results can happen when you take time to think about and become more aware of what it most important to you and what you really want. Remember, what you focus on increases. If you focus on the qualities you want to experience more fully, you will have a greater experience of them! You will notice and attract more things and people around you who bring these qualities to you. I encourage you to pay attention. It can be quite magical.
Several years ago I wanted to experience more balance in my life because I found myself spending way too much time helping others and not taking care of myself. Balance and self-care became important values to me. When I was asked to do even more, remembering these qualities of life that I wanted to focus on allowed me to not only decline further requests, but also helped me reduce some of the responsibilities I already had. Once I became more consciously aware of these qualities and kept them in my mind more frequently, it was easier to get back in balance and take care of myself. I very intentionally took time for long walks, massages, and more visits with loved ones. This also led to updating my office to reflect my expansion, and paved the way for me to develop and teach classes.
When you think about getting organized and simplifying, what are some values or “qualities of life” that you would like to experience more fully?
Choosing a few words that mean something to you in this moment can serve as guideposts when you are making decisions about what to let go of and what to keep. Take a few deep breaths as you read over this list and make your choices.
Here are a few examples of qualities of life:
Are there other qualities you want to experience more fully?
Circle, star or highlight the qualities that resonate with you, and/or add others that might not be on the list. Take time to “be” with each of the qualities you have selected. All of them might seem important to you, but I encourage you to work with one or two that you’d like to experience more fully.
What are the most important qualities you wish to focus on during your organizing and simplifying process? Make note of them so you can review them as frequently as you wish.
Keep these qualities in mind before and during an organizing project; use them to evaluate the clutter in your life and ask yourself if this object (or piece of paper) supports a greater experience of each quality. This can be a very powerful way to decide what to let go of and what to keep.
(Excerpted from Conscious Order: Clear Your Mind, Leave Clutter Behind, pp. 38-39)
Veteran Professional Organizer Annie Rohrbach has transformed the lives of many of her students, clients, and readers, as they learn to use the power of their thoughts, words, intentions, and imagination to manifest and experience the order and peace of mind that they desire. 
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