What I Learned Running 26.2 Miles: Could It Apply To You?

support teamThis past Sunday, I accomplished a big goal. I finished the Twin Cities Marathon which runs from Minneapolis to St. Paul Minnesota. Even better, the Minneapolis area is where my parents live, so I was cheered on by my parents, my sister (who surprised me and flew in from New York for the day), my cousins, and my youngest son. It was an event I will remember forever. (That’s me at the end of the race, surrounded by my support team!)

I told a coaching client today that I’ve never completely appreciated the value of having someone believe in me, encourage me, and motivate me the way I appreciated it at mile 20 of the 26.2 mile course when I saw my family there yelling encouragement, waving signs and motivating me to KEEP RUNNING.

At mile 24, when my brain told me I really needed to stop, I remembered the support of the coach and the group I usually run with and how they have helped me learn that I CAN do things I think I can’t. So I didn’t stop. I kept running. All through the race, I was motivated by both the strangers who were cheering and the encouraging words I had received leading up to the event.

The right support can be the crucial ingredient when you face a challenge. And too often, we short change ourselves in this area. We may try to fool ourselves by saying that we are being “self-reliant” or “independent,” but let’s face it—the most successful people in the world typically have a solid team of support, expertise, and knowledge behind them. Going it alone will only take us so far.

Coaching, at least the life and wellness coaching that I offer, is designed to provide the type of high quality, one-on-one, personalized support that meets you where you need it so that you can accomplish your goals. Every week I coach women who are losing we ight, transitioning in their careers, growing their businesses, blossoming in their relationships, and unsnarling their lives so they move from “surviving” to thriving. I’ve spent years learning the techniques, strategies, skills and information that help my clients create the results they weren’t able to achieve on their own.

This fall, I’m offering a very special opportunity to participate in individual coaching with me. If you have been interested in working with me individually, this is something that I strongly encourage you to take a look at. For a small number of clients, I have slots available to work with me over a six month period. As your coach, I’ll help you design and implement a customized plan for accomplishing your goals. I’ll coach you through the hurdles and challenges that may have gotten you stuck in the past, and we’ll work together to stay in action during the sometimes tricky holiday season and well into the new year.

We’ll start by getting very clear on your goals and the easiest way for YOU to begin seeing results and then we’ll design the do-able action steps to get you there. You’ll have weekly accountability and email access to me, regularly scheduled coaching phone calls, and in January, you’ll have a free ticket to my first every day-long “Live Your Best Year Ever” virtual group retreat. You’ll attend by phone and computer (from the comfort of your home) and I’ll help you get on track, prepared, and motivated to thrive in 2011. This day-long event alone is going to be amazing. The entire six month program is going to be VERY special.

If what I am describing resonates with you, just go here and let us know that you are interested and we’ll send you more information. In order to ensure that the program is a good fit, I’ll be personally conducting phone consultations with all appl icants and we’ll be filling the available spots on a first-come-first served basis.

As always, if you have any questions, just email those too and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Take good care,


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