What One Thing Can You Let Go Of?

As powerful as life coaching is, you better believe I get my own coaching. I’m currently a member of a fantastic Master Mind community for business owners led by the incredible business coach Kendall Summerhawk. Participating in this group has led me to some of the big ideas and projects I’m currently working on (hint: stay tuned to my blog and newsletter for a fantastic, innovative and affordable program I’m hoping to be able to share with you in the next two weeks 🙂 ).

I’ve seen a surge in my productivity, my momentum, and my creativity since I’ve been a member of Kendall’s group. One facet of the program that has helped tremendously is a series of questions that members are emailed once a week. I thought they were no big deal until I took the time to answer them. My favorite one is the one I initially thought was a no-brainer. Then I tried to answer it.

I won’t give away all of Kendall’s secrets (but you will see some of them in the new program I’ll be sharing with you soon). However, the powerful question that she asks is too valuable not to share. Each week, as members are focused on what actions we will take, what we will set as our goals and “assignments,” we are asked, “What is one thing you will let go of this week?” Like I said, I thought this was the easy question. Until I tried to answer it.

It’s a toughie. But answering that question—and holding myself to what I commit to letting go of each week—has made a tremendous change in my life and in my stress level. This week I challenge you to try it out. What one thing will you let go of? Leave a comment and let me know what you choose and how it goes.

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