What you need to lose weight and keep it off | psychology, mindset, and strategy

Most women I know, know how to lose weight. The problem is, they’re tired of doing it. What women really want is a way to make peace with food so that weight loss lasts. Today I’m going to cover four keys for creating lasting success and real freedom from overeating.

There are a lot of temptations and triggers for overeating. Being too busy, exhaustion, not getting enough me-time and self-care, stress, and strong emotions you don’t have the time, energy or confidence to tackle can all lead to Hidden Hungers and to cravings that aren’t caused by physical hunger at all.

And the more you focus on tracking what and when you’re eating – without paying attention to these reasons that you’re wanting to eat – the stronger those Hidden Hungers become.

Let me tell you a story of how Hidden Hungers can get you tied up in knots – and a real-life example of someone who untangled them. I’ll also share with you the four mindset and strategy pieces that are absolutely required for long term success.

If you pay attention to these four areas, you’ll end up with a customized plan that takes your power back from food and puts you back in the driver’s seat.

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