When small do-able steps aren’t working: making the decision to hire a coach (part one)

Are you trying to end persistent, vicious cycles with stress, and too-much-to-do, and working to create that elusive “life balance?” See if this scenario rings a bell:stairs

You are a busy woman and a hard worker. Your to-do list is longer than the hours in the day. Maybe you collect articles on time management, getting organized, 15 minute fitness secrets, quick healthy dinners, and stress busting techniques. Do they work? Probably not—but you might not even know for sure. If you are like many busy, overloaded women, you likely haven’t found the time or the energy to read them and put the self-help tips into action.

You know there is a better way. You might even blame yourself for not having found it yet. After all, you might be a perfectionist with very high expectations who can easily see how you “should” be able to accomplish what you want to. But you are tired. You might be sleep deprived (many women are), and you’re sure you could be eating better (or less)…

In short, you might feel trapped in a vicious cycle of stress, to-much-to-do, and habits that not only aren’t working for you, they might be making everything more difficult.  Yo-yo dieting, shopping for comfort, too much time escaping into sleep or Facebook or something else that isn’t getting you where you want to go, stress eating, busy work, and not enough play and fun. And not enough mojo to break the cycle on your own.

Words like ease, abundance, thriving, and joy are not the words you are using to describe your life.

If you can relate—even a teensy bit—read on.

In my articles, I share tips and insights. My goal is to give you useable information that you can easily begin to put into place—without adding stress to your life. I’m a huge believer in the power of small steps and gradual change.

But sometimes, that is simply not enough. And, if you are a hard worker and a high-achiever, small steps can even get you stuck in a cycle of doing more and more and not creating the results you want.

Sometimes, hard work and doing are not the answer to the problem. Instead, a quantum (sudden and significant) shift is called for—a shift in your approach, your mindset, and in your lifestyle. These powerful shifts rarely happen when you are approaching change on your own.  Find out in my next post how to identify whether a coach may be what you need to create a winning solution.

Take good care,

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