When your week doesn’t start out like you’d planned

When your week doesn’t start out like you’d planned …

Take a breath.

When Monday morning dawns and your inbox is not what you expected (or is this just me?) …

Take a breath.

Breath in slowly. Focus on being present with the breath. Exhale deeply. Place your attention on the air moving through you.

Taking a breath can be a touch point. An act that grounds you.

Taking a breath and bringing your focus to this one moment brings you into the present.

Breathing deeply and intentionally begins to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which physiologically moves you away from anxiety and “fight or flight” and towards more calm.

Overwhelm, stress, and frustration can all feel like big mountains.

When you have that feeling, lightly pause, and take one breath.

Reset. Just like that. Start to change the direction of the tide.

When you’re running late …

Take a breath.

When you’ve “blown” your food plan …

Take a breath.

When you’re tired and cranky and you feel unappreciated or unseen …

Give yourself a slow, intentional breath.

When you’ve finished one task, or meeting, or conversation … and you’re staring at your project list, not sure where to go next (and not really wanting to tackle anything) …

Lean back, and inhale deeply. Breathe in and breathe out.

When you feel behind or not “enough” – before you react on autopilot …

Take a deep cleansing breath.

And if you forgot and reacted on autopilot already, fill your lungs with a kind, compassionate breath.

Imagine the air replacing what was there … refreshing you from your lungs to your brain cells to your soul.

Take time today to stand. Relax your neck, your shoulders, and shake out your arms gently. Walk to a window and let your eyes rest lightly on whatever you find there.

Breathe it all in. Let it rest inside your chest for a moment and exhale.

Do it again.

Talk soon,

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