When you’re impatient and off track with food and overeating

Impatience & Emotional EatingI’m in the interesting position of talking with women all over the world about how they’re doing.

This time of pandemic has struck us all – in both very different and similar ways. “Normal” has been very different from place to place at various times. And yet, talking with others almost always reminds me of what we have in common.

This month, it seems there is a lot of impatience in the air.

Impatience to return to things. Impatience for vaccines. For spring (depending where you live).

Impatience to travel, to see loved ones, to have more predictability and stability in routines.

Impatience for space and impatience for more connectedness.

Exhaustion and stress and overwhelm are also contributing to a lot of impatience with ourselves.

How did I gain this weight? How did I stop doing those things that worked for me? How did my eating get so off course?

How did I end up here … again?

You may also be feeling impatient with taking deep breaths and being patient for things to change.

Sigh. I hear you.

In our Food Freedom Coaching Session yesterday with members of Your Missing Peace, we were talking about how to reset or get back on a better track with food and overeating when impatience and resistance are both afoot.

I thought you might find the steps we covered helpful too.

  1. No matter how frustrated you feel, do your best to approach yourself with self-compassion instead of anger and self-judgment. There are indeed reasons that things have been tough. Giving yourself a break.
  2. Start somewhere – not everywhere. Impatience leads us to want to change everything at once, and do it yesterday. Pick one thing that you can show up for today. One change that you can make today that will feel “more on track.”
  3. Make a promise that you can keep to yourself instead of choosing a commitment that will be stressful or impossible to keep. Impatience leads us to grasp at big changes, demand too much of ourselves, and take on commitments and routines we can’t possibly sustain. Our brains naturally underestimate the value of small actions and steps – but they build. If you focus on adding a green vegetable – consistently – instead of expecting yourself to change everything at once, you can begin to collect wins. Nail one habit and you can then expand it over time.
  4. Ask yourself what else you need for nourishment – today and this week. Ask yourself how your best version of you would take care of YOU during this time (she’s the kind, compassionate one, by the way – not your inner drill sergeant). Notice any difference between what the harsh voice and your kind Inner Champion recommend. Then listen to your Inner Champion.

Getting back to a track that works better for you is possible. Even better is creating the track that’s meant for you. If you want to learn more about this, hear more about connecting with your Inner Champion, and the framework I use to make changes with overeating and emotional eating, I’d love for you to join me for a new, live masterclass next week. It’s going to be great! Just go here to reserve a spot.

Talk soon – and hope to see you at the masterclass!

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