Where Does Thin Begin?

There’s a common misconception about how to lose weight, get back in control with your eating, and make changes that last. Have you fallen for it?

Many smart, savvy women are stuck in vicious cycles (caught on a hamster wheel) with overeating, weight gain, and diets that don’t work because they’ve come to believe the solution is working harder, drumming up more willpower, pushing themselves with more determination, so they can finally succeeding at a battle they’ve probably been fighting for far too long.

Problem is it doesn’t work like that. The idea that you aren’t working hard enough or using enough willpower is a myth that’s taking a huge toll. If you’ve bought into it it’s likely leaving you frustrated with yourself, exhausted, ineffective, hungry, and maybe even ten or twenty pounds heavier than you want to be.

Here’s the real truth – and it’s where thin begins.

Thin begins when smart, busy women learn the targeted systems and strategies to get back on their own priority list and take care of themselves without turning to food (even when they are busy). When you learn how to nourish your spirit and fit yourself in, the out-of-control cravings fade, the weight comes off, and life becomes better and much less stressful.

This is how thin – lasting thin – becomes a reality and those hamster wheels become a thing of the past.

That’s what happened for my client (we’ll call her Laura). Laura recently sent me a lovely email saying that she was ending her subscription to my emails and wanted me to understand why. “It’s just that I’ve moved on and am no longer in overwhelm about food. I am grateful to you for the tools and skills you have taught me.”

Laura began working with me when she was struggling with her stressful life and a schedule that was leaving her frazzled, irritable, and constantly nibbling on candy (and 30 pounds overweight). The business she owned was running her, she couldn’t find a second for herself, and she couldn’t imagine how any of it could be different.

We worked together and Laura applied the tools and strategies I’ll be sharing next week in my group coaching program.

These tools and strategies don’t add more stress or require more grit or willpower. Where Thin Begins strategies are the ones that actually leave you feeling nourished and nurtured. They help you step sideways and get off the hamster wheel of overload, overwhelm, and overeating and create a new path that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. You steer your life, your time, and your energy in the direction you want to go.

After completing our work together, Laura shared that she had more peace and joy in her life than she had imagined possible. She hadn’t cut back – in fact, she had expanded her business (the business that once stressed her out so much that she had dreams of walking away from it). She was working smarter instead of harder, had learned how to make and take time for herself on a consistent basis (without feeling guilty), and had lost the excess weight. She hadn’t dieted or forced herself to “burn calories” and she was no longer fighting to find willpower and “self-control.” Instead, she learned how to create a path to her goals that was filled with more joy and less stress.

Laura found Where Thin Begins and made it a reality and she got on with her life.

Are you tired of struggling to make changes, find more willpower and fit yourself in? 

Take good care,

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