Why Smart Women Struggle With Weight Loss

Last week, my friend Scott Tousignant invited me to record a podcast for his blog. The topic was Why Smart Women Struggle with Weight Loss. We covered a lot of important material, including emotional eating, tips for helping busy women trying to manage their weight while juggling everyone else’s needs,  and the mindsets that can sabotage weight loss attempts.

As you know, these are topics that I feel very passionate about.  Struggles with overeating and weight have a way of making even the most intelligent woman feel powerless and incapable.  On the surface it seems so simple: eat less.  But truthfully, it isn’t enough to know “what” to do (most of my clients come to me knowing more about nutrition and healthy eating than they ever wanted to know), it’s the implementation that trips up most savvy women.  After a few rounds on the diet roller coaster, many will tell me that they just aren’t strong enough, motivated enough, or hardworking enough to get where they want to go.  The problem is, they’re wrong—and their self blame is moving them in an entirely unhelpful direction. The mindsets they are using to approach weight loss are actually undermining them before they start.

If you have 20 minutes, I strongly recommend you take a listen. And check out Scott’s Home Office Fitness Challenge while you’re there. He’s providing great stuff for work-at-home moms and dads looking to get and stay fit.

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