Work Together

Thanks for your interest in working together! Here's a brief synopsis of the ways you can learn from me whether you are looking for overeating help, an emotional eating program, or individual coaching. If you have additional questions (after reviewing the information at the links below), please reach out to us at

  • Individual Coaching and Consultation (Emotional Eating Coaching, Life Coaching and Consultation, Rebalancing and Life Transition Coaching): I work with a limited number of individual clients each year. You'll get strategy, an ally in identifying and illuminating your blind spots, mindset shifts, and new tools, approaches and action steps to help you follow through on the goals and dreams that are important to you. You can learn more about my three month and six month coaching options here.
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    Your Missing Peace: The 6 Week Overeating Freedom Formula Program - This is a self-guided, online emotional eating program where you learn, step by step, how to take your power back from food. It's my complete plan for smart women who want to stop overeating and emotional eating. This is deep, transformative overeating help. It's an approach to changing your relationship with food (and your life). Learn more about Your Missing Peace here.
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    The Emotional Eating Toolbox Series - Do you feel like you know what you "should" be doing, but can't seem to stay consistent or make your good habits stick? The Emotional Eating Toolbox Series is here for you. Practice makes permanent - and that's the approach you'll learn and live with this program. The Emotional Eating Toolbox consists of ten months of training, practice, and habit-building. Designed to help you build the consistent habits that lead to peace with food, each month you'll receive 7-days of training and then learn to use the remainder of your month to make your new key habits routine practices that fit your life. You'll discover how new, winning habits layer and reinforce one another. Learn more about The Emotional Eating Toolbox Series here.
  • Where Thin Begins - When offered, this is the 6-week program where we work together to address the reasons you get stuck, fall off track, or turn to food. This is the program where we tackle the how-tos of creating a winning mindset, managing time and energy, self-care, and transforming repetitive patterns and your approach to life challenges that can keep women stuck and overeating. Where Thin Begins is not currently on the schedule for 2018.
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