Work Together

You’re ready to stop struggling with food, leave the overeating and weight loss hamster wheel behind, and start spending your time and energy on living your life instead of battling with overeating, overload, or overwhelm.

Connecting with the right kind of help, mentoring, coaching, and support is your powerful next step.

Options to work with me include:

Coaching-MentoringEmotional Eating Coaching | Private Coaching

I offer a limited number of 4 and 6 month private overeating coaching packages – highly personalized experiences designed to help you put the pieces together so that they fits you. Whether you are ready to end stress eating and compulsive eating struggles, transform the stress, or you know that your life needs a better balance, we’ll work together step by step to create a custom plan and a path that works for you. We start with a special assessment process to discover how you best thrive and succeed. We target what’s getting in your way so you can be more confident, effective, and less stressed. Together we will define the strategies and action steps that will get you to your goals with as much ease and joy as we can create. Overeating coaching sessions are held via phone or Skype so we can work together from virtually anywhere.

Dr. Melissa McCreeryExecuting the perfect plan for you involves:

  • A deep understanding of your challenges and unique circumstances.
  • Customized tools and strategies that will actually work for you and your life.
  • Just the right level of accountability to elevate your success.
  • Personalized mentoring to craft the goals and the approach that will spark (and sustain) your motivation and your interest.

Go here to learn more about my private coaching and emotional eating coaching program. 

peace754Your Missing Peace: Online Emotional Eating Program

Are you a smart woman who’s beyond sick and tired of struggling with overeating and emotional eating? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to leave frustration and self-blame behind and exit the emotional eating hamster wheel.  Over the next eight weeks you’ll design and implement your step-by-step plan to take your power back from food – one that works better than willpower or going hungry and that fits your busy life, so that you can be satisfied and successful. Learn more here.

wtb_finallogos-01Where Thin Begins™

Where Thin Begins™ goes deep into the real life challenges that sabotage so many women’s efforts to succeed and walks you through the process of moving beyond vicious cycles, diets that don’t work, and willpower as a strategy. Where Thin Begins™ tackles the reality of busy complicated lives, time challenges and difficulties carving out time to take good care of yourself, mindset blocks, and the challenges that keep so many smart, talented women stuck in struggles with food. Are you ready to stop struggling and start weighing what matters? Go here.

“Right now the food issue feels very much like a non-issue. I’m not turning to food when I get stressed. . . I started a new program to control the beginnings of diabetes. Oh what a difference after our work together! I’m able to follow the plan with no problems and no desire for any of my old comfort foods (which are terrible for blood sugar)! I have none of the obsessive and terrified thinking that if I don’t do this perfectly and get my situation under control I’ll get sick. I feel so incredibly relaxed, knowing that I can do what I can do and that I can release the results. There is no sense of angst or fear or compulsion. This NEVER would have happened before working with you one-on-one and taking your programs. I’m so glad I followed my intuition and did them. I can’t thank you enough.” – Mary M., Bellvue, Colorado


Working with Melissa is giving me a new life! I was stuck and for someone who is used to being very successful despite huge challenges–that was very scary. . . I’m losing weight and saw very significant improvements in my cholesterol and blood sugar levels in only three months! Melissa is helping me get my “life” back! I have never before worked with someone who is so perfectly attuned to busy women and women who have been very successful in their lives. Quite frankly, Melissa knows precisely what makes us tick! It is so refreshing to have her be so “spot on” in her coaching. Therein lies some of the magic as to why coaching with Melissa can be so productive. . It was absolutely the best gift I have ever given to myself.” – Grace T.


“I had experienced a lot of life changes in recent years . . . my survival strategies weren’t working . . . I had gained 30 pounds, stopped exercising, pulled away from family and friends. I felt disconnected, alone and worried about everything. I was looking for a way to change my lifestyle habits so that I didn’t feel so overwhelmed, tired, and out of control. I feel very comfortable working with Melissa. She ‘gets’ me. She saw the real me and believed in the real me before I even knew who that was or what it looked like. She continually encourages me to move a little bit out of my comfort zone and towards my goals. She keeps me accountable. She is available for support and encouragement by email in between my coaching calls. Working with Melissa, I gained my spirit back. I gained the courage and the security to know that I can be at my best and that I am a good person. I learned how to stay with myself when I feel uncomfortable. I learned how to be compassionate and kind to myself. I didn’t expect that I would learn these things. I thought I would learn a system or a process to manage my time, develop willpower and be able to turn off my emotional eating switch.

I used to look at certain people I knew, and admire that they could be so grounded, at peace with themselves, and at ease in the world. I am becoming more like them. I finally ‘get’ what it means to be in the present moment. I take time for myself every day. I am so glad I did this.” – Mary Jo Falvey, Georgia