Work Together

Thanks for being curious about working with me. Right now, the best ways to work with me, or to dive deep into my approach are:

  • Your Missing Peace - although not technically working with me, this self-guided program is where I share my complete step-by-step plan for smart women who want to stop emotional eating.
  • Where Thin Begins - offered twice yearly, this is the 6-week program where we work together to address the reasons you get stuck, fall off track, or turn to food. This is the program where we tackle the how-tos of creating a winning mindset, managing time and energy, self-care, and transforming repetitive patterns and your approach to life challenges that can keep women stuck and overeating.
  • When you work with me one-on-one you'll get strategy, an ally in identifying and illuminating your blind spots, simple mindset shifts, and new tools, approaches and action steps to help you follow through on the goals and dreams that are important to you.
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